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What Are TV News Clips?

TV News Clips are video files of broadcast or streaming news stories. This is the final post in our series of Key Questions for public relations professionals and corporate communicators. What are TV News Clips? Media monitoring is the ongoing service of comprehensively tracking the news you need. Whether you track media placements for your […]

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Universal Introduces (AI) Powered Press Clippings

Berlin, Ger/ Omaha, NE, October 4, 2017—Universal Information Services announced today that it has introduced the world’s first press clipping service enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). The Alpha Clips news monitoring service focuses on the origins of news stories that are commonly shared online, delivering them in a format that is more quickly consumed. In […]

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News Monitoring Tools: A Primer

At Universal I take calls, emails and tweets all the time asking about our news monitoring and media analysis services. When I think in terms of #samerules and #newtools, it strikes me that almost no two clients have the exact same need. Sure, many of our clients need TV clips and press clippings, or their […]

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VMS in the rear view mirror

For those in public relations, corporate communications, or investor relations, you most likely have heard the news that Video Monitoring Services, VMS, closed last Friday with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Since the story first broke on commpro.biz, many industry newsletters have posted their view of what caused the fall of the largest broadcast monitoring service. Looking […]

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VMS Bankrupt and Closing?

Updated: 8/27/11 The morning of August 26th, Twitter erupted over rumors that the oldest tv and radio monitoring service was filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If these rumors are correct [they were], Video Monitoring Services closed their doors today at noon eastern [8/26/11]. What does this mean for their clients. Unfortunately, they will need to find […]

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Yes, Different Is Good…

…for Public Relations, News Monitoring, Design, or Services of Any Kind You have heard it almost everywhere over the past few years. If you haven’t, you’re not getting out enough. For this post I decided to discuss the blue ocean strategy of being different from your competitors. It can also be explored as “being remarkable” […]

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How to Track Only the News You Need

If you watch Twitter or follow public relations groups on LinkedIn, you’ve seen a common question about the #newtools for monitoring news or social media. Over the past week I counted no less than 200 sources people had offered up as their favorite new tool for tracking media. Some are free, some are paid, but […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Attend Conferences

The conference season has been in full swing over the past 30 days, as if it ever really slows down, and we have three great reasons you should make conference attendance a regular part of your business and new media education. First, if you at all have a passion for your job or what you […]

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