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EO Happy Hours: 5/11 & 5/12

EO-Nebraska (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Happy Hours for BigOmaha. 1316 Jones Street, Omaha’s Old Market Wednesday, 5/11/11: 5pm-7pm (Before The BigOmaha Launch Party) Thursday, 5/12/11: 6pm-7:30pm (after the 1st day of BigOmaha) (Did we mention there’s no charge?) Open to those attending the BigOmaha 2011 Conference or not (yes, this means even if you don’t have a […]

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Foursquare-It doesn’t suck

Interestingly, this blog post started out as an experiment to find out how engaging location-based mobile platforms truly are. Many people won’t deny that they’ve either not heard of Foursquare, or have heard of it and asked, “But why?” Like all #newtools in the social media world, or any new tool for that matter, adoption […]

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#SameRules Return for Pepsi Advertising

How soon we forget. Just over a year ago Pepsi made big news when they officially announced, and I mean in a big way, they were skipping their usual Super Bowl advertising campaign. This ended 23 years of memorable ads. They had announced they were going all in for social media and would be betting […]

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Social Media Addict? Go Break Your Own Leg!

Subtitle: Go Break Your Own Leg! After a short conversation with a friend and fellow Downtown Omaha business inhabitant, Jeff Slobotski, I found myself considering possible social networking trends for the coming year, 2011. In line with my #samerules #newtools philosophy, Jeff and I had been discussing the importance of striking a balance within the […]

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Top 10 Lists…here they come!

Every year, but with growing frequency, people and organizations try to create order out of the prior 12 months (11 months in most cases). This ordering process takes form of the “Top 10 List” and purports to rank any and every topic imaginable. As a blogging technique, or social networking strategy, all the books and […]

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Is Disruption Marketing Dead?

At Universal Information Services our national news monitoring and media analysis efforts have evolved to a point where our client prospects are mostly found through inbound systems. In other words, with the growing use of #newtools from social media platforms, the need for us to interrupt/disrupt our prospective clients is greatly reduced. Many resources have […]

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Yes, Different Is Good…

…for Public Relations, News Monitoring, Design, or Services of Any Kind You have heard it almost everywhere over the past few years. If you haven’t, you’re not getting out enough. For this post I decided to discuss the blue ocean strategy of being different from your competitors. It can also be explored as “being remarkable” […]

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#SameRules and #NewTools Defined

As my sixth post to Universal Information Services‘ blog page, I felt it was time to elaborate on the philosophy of #samerules and #newtools. This blog was intended to cast light on what new tools are available to the PR professional and business communicator. We also want to contrast the flood of new tools against […]

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Customer Experience: It IS the 1 Thing

Yep, another blog about customer experience. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Seen it, read it, know it…I get it.” I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but underscore the fact that the points you might think you’re competing on have nothing to do with what will make you a great company. First, […]

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