Free Whitepaper: Choosing a Media Contacts Database Tool

Expanding your public relations outcomes can be greatly enhanced through the effective use of a media contacts database and influencer targeting software. Universal Information Services has compared our Influencer Targeting Tools with other primary providers of media relations and PR software. The results of our research is a list of six key points you can use to evaluate the options you have for media contacts and influencer engagement software. This whitepaper will guide you in Choosing a Media Contacts Database Tool.

Download this free report and learn how a media contacts database can help you. Including:

  • The 6 most important tools to consider from a vendor

  • 3 big questions to ask about the media contacts database platform

  • The 6 points of comparison for simple evaluation of competing vendors

This free whitepaper will help in choosing the right media contacts database and influencer targeting software. Ultimately, you are trying to build relationships with those that you reach or hope to advocate on your behalf, the tools you use should facilitate that effort. Let us know if you have additional questions, we love to help.

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