Construction Leads and Bids

Construction Leads and Bids

Our proven process enables us to gather relevant information across a broad range of Architectural / Engineering / Construction topics.

Pulling data from daily and weekly newspapers, periodicals, and online sources across the United States, our leads arrive before other services. Enhanced with our Alpha Clips technology, Universal delivers industry leads that give your firm a competitive advantage when it comes to business development. We find leads at the discussion source, well before plans or legal notices go out to the World.

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Our project leads come directly from the newspapers and websites of record

Our goal is to quickly identify potential A/E/C consultation opportunities from the initial ‘idea’, to outright RFP stages. We also provide information concerning major developments in ongoing projects – including professional consultation affiliations – allowing our clients to maintain a sense of the regional A/E/C environment and build business relationships into the future. When projects are discussed in the news, we fast-track them to our subscribers.

As the first service to enhance project leads with artificial intelligence (AI), we can deliver business development leads well in advance of other services. Additionally, our Alpha Clips summarize the data for faster consumption, cluster similar stories to reduce noise, and link through to full text of web pages and story images. No other vendor can provide what our Prospective Project Report now delivers.


Get your construction leads faster than your competition

Universal offers construction leads and bid notices via email, mobile application and our “always on” portal. By delivering construction project information and bid notices shortly after publication, you can begin your preparation much sooner than with conventional construction lead services. Plus, our Alpha Clips tools are more secure and let you work from where you want, when you want. Click here to start your trial!

“During the past 12 years, I have continually found the information provided to be valuable in my efforts to collect market research and identify project opportunities.”

Michael A. Benck

BCDM Architects

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