Courtesy Account (Terms)

Courtesy Account Terms & Conditions
Recipient of courtesy account from Universal Information Services must be a new user without a pending contract or proposal for service from Universal.

Existing clients, or organizations that have used Universal in the past 24 months, are not eligible.

Winning applicant must furnish their 501(c)3 certificate for verification of not-for-profit status.

Only organizations with a public relations/media relations effort will be considered. All applicants must have some effort towards promoting their organization or cause: TV/Radio/Web/SM.

The organization selected agrees to the following terms:
As the recipient of Universal Information Services’ News Monitoring Courtesy Account, you agree to the following terms.

We understand that this relationship is a 12 month award, unless both parties agree to end the free monitoring service early. At the end of the complimentary award period, recipient may subscribe to any combination of services from Universal. Any information tracked and retained would be included if the award recipient transitions to a subscriber account at the end of their courtesy period.

Universal may terminate the complimentary service early if any of the following apply:
At the discretion of Universal it is felt that the SmartView Portal, or any related information or service has been abused.
The recipient organization knowingly violates or causes a legal violation to occur through the use of our information.
The recipient knowingly abuses copyright laws or intellectual property rights.

Recipient agrees to cite Universal Information Services on their website with: “News monitoring provided by Universal Information Services” and include a link to our website homepage…

Universal reserves the right to use the recipient organization as an illustration of our services. No confidential information related to the recipient would ever be disclosed.

At the end of the one year scholarship, recipient could subscribe to Universal with a 10% discount off of the services they had been receiving under the award.

Universal is the most comprehensive complete news monitoring service in the United States. However, no monitoring company can guarantee a 100% catch rate. Universal is not responsible for stories that are unable to be located under our news monitoring service, but will make all reasonable attempts to locate requested information and articles.

Under no circumstance will Universal reimburse courtesy account recipient for failure to provide any information. Recipient agrees to hold Universal harmless in all circumstances.

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