Daily News Briefs

Daily News Briefs

Daily News Briefs from Universal

This highly filtered media monitoring report is essential for agile corporations, agencies or government organizations that want to see the news and the media impacting them on a daily basis. Reports are generated with the same protocol used in our industry-leading media analysis. No inefficient, automated search results. No false hits from inaccurate algorithms. Our daily curated reports deliver only select, hard news that may impact stock price, affect your competitive edge, or alter your strategic direction.

Daily News Briefs
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Start your day with the most strategic news you need

With dedicated editors assigned to the development of your daily media monitoring report, we ensure the highest quality of stories. Whether you must keep track of your competition, or need to know what forces will impact your day, starting your morning with our customized news briefings can be the difference. If you have to know, but don’t want the expense of on-staff knowledge workers building reports all day, let Universal Information Services keep you informed. We deliver more than data, we give you the knowledge you need. For our clients, this is the report that executives and stakeholders use to start their day. Call to discuss the value these reports could bring to your organization. (402) 342-3178


Who Needs a Daily News Brief?

  • Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Nationwide Organizations
  • “Fast Companies” starting up and generating buzz
  • Trade Associations or National Non-Profit Groups
  • Campaigns, Political Action Committees and Elected Officials
  • Federal/Government Agencies
  • National Transportation or Utility Companies
  • Mining and Mineral Exploration Efforts
  • Financial Institutions
  • Investor Relations
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Any Business that is heavily regulated

“The Universal team is quick to respond and always willing to help.  They go the extra mile to make sure we get the type of information needed and don’t nickel and dime us.”

Josh Moore, Sponsorship Consultant

Legends Global Planning

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