Digital Preservation: The Importance of a Managed Process

Digital Preservation: The Importance of a Managed Process

Why is it necessary to digitize your historical assets? The information below will help you navigate this important process and help you tap the value in your history.


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Digital Preservation adds value to corporations and institutions by creating relevant engagement. Having a managed process to recover your historical media, with fully defined objectives and milestones, allows you to maximize the return on your digital preservation investment. The approach through Universal Information Services’ Digital Preservation division, is to collaborate with organizations in order to digitize your legacy, discover new value and engage your audience through accessibility. Our managed process, outlined below, allows you to make your legacy accessible and create engagement inside and outside your organization.

  1. Identify decision makers & operational personnel: Who plays a crucial role within the various stages of the project? Look at both the monetary decisions and the work-flow decisions to be made.
  2. Establish a “Digital Preservation” purpose & objective(s): The process starts here. Catalog your collections and define your scope of projects for archive standards and accessibility within your organization.
  3. Define significance to your Organization’s mission/objectives: How can this project benefit your organization’s mission, membership and create engagement or a means to monetize these assets.
  4. Contact a consulting partner: Gather set pricing for each medium to establish budget milestones for digitization, best practice standards and chain of custody.
  5. Identify project scope including statement of work: Finalize a statement of work that specifically itemizes your costs, chain of custody, timelines, and quality of transfer responsibilities.
  6. Configure budgets & funding Options: Gather board approval for specific project scopes and/or guidance for local and national grants. Please ask for Universal’s Digital Preservation Funding Kit to assist within your development guidelines. Whether using a planned giving campaign or grant funding, we have some tools to help you.
  7. Execute your strategy: Once your project is complete with archival and working formats, make your historic assets relevant again. Documentation from the past has an invaluable place in the future.

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