Expanded Radio News Monitoring

Do you need greater radio news coverage from your monitoring service?

Universal Information Services now holds the deepest archive of radio news programming. From news to talk to FM morning shows, we have the radio news you need included with your alerts. With 250 radio stations monitored each day, and growing, we can find the stories you need. However, the free trial our subscribers currently enjoy is ending soon.

Take advantage of our limited time special!

Our existing clients, as well as new subscribers, can sign up for our greatly expanded radio news coverage during the month of May and receive a 50% discount off our standard monitoring rate. Since the beginning of this year we’ve been providing this expanded coverage to most clients at no additional charge. Many subscribers have already locked in the lowest rate for this additional news content. In May we’re allowing our other subscribers and new clients to save money, before we standardized the radio monitoring service rate going forward. In a way, it’s like we’re giving 12 months of radio monitoring for the cost of 6 months, but only if you sign up in May 2013.

What can you do to save on Radio Monitoring?

1. Email Maggie Scobey or Amy Behrens to sign up.
2. Be sure to contact us before 5/31/13 to save 50% off our standard rates.
3. Make sure we have an updated list of your search topics. That’s it! You can also call us if you want to discuss your account or our services. (800) 408-3178

Your Free Radio News Monitoring Trial is Ending

Please don’t forget that your free trial for radio news monitoring is ending. To continue to receive all your news from our monitored radio stations please contact us now. We can always turn your radio back on, but after May 31, 2013 the rates will be locked in through the end of the year. Not to sound like an infomercial, “But act now to save!”

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