FAQ-How Is Universal Unique?

Universal creates customized news monitoring and PR measurement solutions that provide comprehensive insight on the reach, impact and effectiveness of your public relations efforts. We look at each clients’ needs as an individual solution, targeting exactly what they want from all media types, then delivering innovative tools for our users to consume that information. With client friendly agreements, we are truly unique.

How are you different from your competitors?

We control the entire media monitoring and measurement cycle. This means we can delivery more results, more accurately, and measure the real impact of your exposure. If you've tried other services, but have been unimpressed with their low results or the big stories they miss, now's the time to learn more about Universal. We can provide complete television, radio, social, web, and true print media to our clients. We are far more than just a online or social media monitoring service.

What value does PR measurement or media analysis provide?

To go beyond simply tracking your earned placements, our PR measurement team can deliver true insight on what your results mean. From key message points to sentiment, we're able to to measure the exact impact from your PR efforts. PR measurement answers the question of Return on Effort or Engagement. Because of our membership in the global standards association for measurement, our methodology is extremely accurate and provides insights that can't be replicated by automated competitors.

How are your service rates determined?

Each account is designed specifically to meet client objectives and deliver value. Through innovation we are able to deliver greater cost efficiencies to our clients therefore saving money while surpassing expectations.

How is real press clipping different from monitoring print media on the web?

As compared to the limited accessibility of monitoring web sites as a substitute for the full newspaper content, Universal covers nearly every weekly and daily newspaper nationwide. This comprehensive approach to press clipping ensures those clients who need to see everything, do. From a competitive perspective, this is something unique Universal Information Services offers. Our competitors provide only a subset of newspapers via an aggregating service like Lexis/Nexis or simply those web sources which they can find online.

A competitor of Universal makes some interesting claims? Are these claims true?

No. Competitors of Universal may tell you that we "track a small amount of publications", "miss a lot of coverage", or "there is not a lot you can do with that coverage [from Universal] once you receive it". We've seen these unethical and misleading emails over the years, and it is unfortunate. The reality is that each of these points are the opposite of what is true. Effectively, Universal is now the only service that can track all media, professionally measure it, and provide 24/7 service and support for our clients. Universal is a great target of competitors because the work we do, combined with the support we provide, sets the industry standard for quality. It is not easy, and we don't make you do the work yourself, but this is also what makes Universal unique.

Do you offer an intuitive media contacts database and distribution service?

Yes. In fact, the backbone of our media contacts database is the most advanced in the world and provides the most current updates for your target journalists. Research, build, create, track, engage, and manage your media relations as you wish. Our engagement targeting tools are phenomenal and very affordable. We can even write, edit, and distribute your release for you, if needed.

What's the difference between published print media and online news media?

Some media monitoring services will blur the line between news that is published online, web news, and news that is printed in hard copy. For one thing, many small newspapers do not post their content to the web. Additionally, many publishers now put unique content in their printed newspapers, just to help drive users for both print and web. By covering both media, print and web news, Universal can make sure our clients find far more results than most other monitoring services.

The comprehensiveness and integration of our web monitoring content makes it second to none. With so many options for monitoring the web, doing it at a level that PR professionals need is the real test. Finding more than Google News Alerts, while remaining far more accurate than the inexpensive services, are two hallmarks of this affordable service from Universal.

What about Social Media monitoring?

By accessing and integrating the full streams from all major social networks, Universal is able to surpass any of the do-it-yourself solutions. Plus, all your social media results can be logically integrated with your TV, radio, and web news content, which provides a comprehensive picture of your exposure. For PR professionals that need fast access to breaking news, our Alpha Clips service expedites social media digests.

Why do I hear the names of your competitors so often?

Simply, we don't spend as much on advertising. As a concierge service, we focus on providing a higher level of service, support, and a wider net of accurate results. We have been in business for over 100 years and serve some of the nation's largest companies and organizations.

We put more focus on keeping and making our current clients happy than we do on acquiring new clients. Our growth is based on the success and pleasure of our clients, rather than aggressive and misleading sales tactics.

Does Universal Information Services monitor and measure Spanish language media?

The Hispanic population in the United States now surpasses 56 million, according to the most recent Census Bureau data. Universal focuses equally on the growing Hispanic population, monitoring Spanish-language broadcasts in over 50 U.S. television markets including network and radio programming. No monitoring service provides more Hispanic coverage than Universal.

How can I be sure I won't get burned by a 90 day auto-renewal with your contract?

One of our core values is to "Surpass the Expectations of Our Clients". Although we do offer annual agreements to lock in special pricing for clients, we do not hold a client hostage if for some reason we are not the right fit for them. After an initial term of three months has been satisfied, our clients may choose to cancel with only 30 days notice. We earn and keep customers by treating them well, not by relying on the fine print of a contract to hold them hostage.

What is media intelligence?

Media intelligence is an outcome produced through deep analysis of comprehensive media outlets, including TV, radio, web, social and print sources. As an outcome, Universal Information Services delivers media intelligence to subscribers by tracking their topics of interest and analyzing those results into an easily digested and shared knowledge base for their communication team. Media monitoring and measurement can yield media intelligence as a service.

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