Universal delivers innovative solutions that provide insight on the reach, impact and effectiveness of our clients’ public relations efforts. Although we look at each clients’ needs as an individual solution, there are a few common questions we can easily answer. If you don’t see the information you need below, please reach out to us directly.

How are you different from your competitors?

We control the entire media monitoring and measurement cycle. This means we can delivery more results, more accurately, and measure the real impact of your exposure. If you've tried other services, but have been left wanting, now's the time to learn more about Universal. Universal Compared to Other Media Monitors

What value does PR measurement or media analysis provide?

To go beyond simply tracking your earned placements, our PR measurement team can deliver true insight on what your results mean. From key message points to sentiment, we're able to to measure the exact impact from your PR efforts. PR measurement answers the question of Return on Effort or Engagement

How are your service rates determined?

Each account is designed specifically to meet client objectives and deliver value. Through innovation we are able to deliver greater cost efficiencies to our clients therefore saving money while surpassing expectations.

How is real press clipping different from monitoring print media on the web?

As compared to the limited accessibility of monitoring print media sources online, Universal covers nearly every weekly and daily newspaper nationwide. This comprehensive approach to press clipping ensures those clients who need to see everything, do.

Why do companies choose Universal?

Our clients report that they use Universal because of our client-centric approach to creating services around their needs. Effectively, Universal is now the only service that can track all media, professionally measure it, and provide 24/7 engagement with our clients.

How good is your online/web monitoring service?

The comprehensiveness and integration of our web monitoring content makes it second to none. With so many options for monitoring the web, doing it at a level that PR professionals need is the real test. Finding more than Google News Alerts, while remaining far more accurate than the inexpensive services, are two hallmarks of this affordable service from Universal.

What about Social Media monitoring?

By accessing and integrating the full streams from all major social networks, Universal is able to surpass any of the do-it-yourself solutions. Plus, all your social media results can be logically integrated with your TV, radio, and web news content, which provides a comprehensive picture of your exposure.

Why do I hear the names of your competitors so often?

Simply, we don't spend as much on advertising. We have been in business for over 100 years but we have never made ‘name recognition’ a top priority. We like to think of ourselves more as a ‘boutique’ vendor who focuses on an exceptional customer experience rather than advertising spend.

We put as much focus on keeping and making our current clients happy as we do on acquiring new clients.

Does Universal Information Services monitor and measure Spanish language media?

The Hispanic population in the United States now surpasses 56 million, according to the most recent Census Bureau data. Universal focuses equally on the growing Hispanic population, monitoring Spanish-language broadcasts in over 50 U.S. television markets including network and radio programming. No monitoring service provides more Hispanic coverage than Universal.

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