Alpha Clips Media Monitoring

Alpha Clips Media Monitoring

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“Our clients love how our Alpha Clips news monitoring reports bring the news to them for easier use. With AI generated summaries, they get faster access to news they can see and share.” -Ben Dumas, Client Relations Specialist

Alpha Clips is the news monitoring service that tracks article origin of shared news stories. Through applied data science, Alpha Clips can identify and summarize news that would commonly be shared across social networks and online. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for finding, summarizing, clustering, and delivering important news coverage so PR and communications professionals can save time while consuming key information. This is the most comprehensive way to save time while tracking the news you need from print, web, and social media sources.

The Alpha Clips platform uses the conventions and formatting of journalism to shorten the length of a news story by intelligently summarizing an article. Summarized Alpha Clips are enriched with click-through access to the original, full-text content and images from the publisher. More specifically, our artificial intelligence trains the system to extract key elements of a story based on your specific needs.  For instance, the system understands your targeted interests and weighs that understanding against the importance of a headline, lead paragraph, and subsequent sentences.

As the only truly comprehensive monitoring service now in the United States, we can find more newspaper articles, more accurately locate your TV and radio stories, and integrate complete social and online media coverage. When you can’t afford to be in the dark, Universal is the service that can shed more light on the success of your efforts.

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