How to Choose a Media Monitoring & Measurement Service

Are you asking the right questions?

Complexities of options, consolidation of providers, and misleading sales tactics makes buying anything a difficult task. Choosing a media monitoring and measurement service to track and measure the effectiveness of your PR efforts is no different. Whether you need a full suite of TV, radio, web, social media and print coverage, or just a select combination of of few media types, knowing which vendor to work with is tough.

The most recent news of further consolidation of options, makes one concept very clear, the PR and communication professional must truly pay attention to what they are being sold. Asking your vendor or prospective vendor to prove what they can do is the smartest move you can make. To better arm yourself with a simple set of questions to ask, our team has compiled three questions you should ask when choosing a service. If we can be of greater assistance in your decision process, please let me know.

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