Media Contact Database & Distribution Tools

Media Contact Database & Distribution Tools

Universal provides tools and services for PR professionals to help them find and connect with influencers.

Our media database has helped thousands of customers identify and directly engage with relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers in order to amplify their coverage. Through our PR software you can organize contacts into specific lists and distribute media releases to those recipients. Our best-in-class tools accurately target certain reporters or subjects, allowing you to store notes specific to that outlet or reporter. Plus, with the most comprehensive news monitoring in the industry you can track the distribution of your releases alerts as they appear.

Manage media contacts with intuitive accuracy

Universal’s influencer targeting software can be purchased at the North American or global level.  Ongoing training and support is included with each account. Call today for a demonstration of  our simple, intuitive, and cost effective solution. Discovering and connecting with media contacts has never been as easy and accurate as our targeting solution.

Media Contacts Database and Distribution Features

  • Identify influencers: Search our global database of over 820,000 journalists, bloggers, and authors by topic, outlet or region.
  • Connect: Get reliable contact information, including email and direct phone. Over 2 million updates made annually by our research team.
  • Streamline outreach: Personalize and send emails to the lists you’ve created, right from the Agility console.

Find Influencers

Search our global database with almost 820,000 journalists, outlets, bloggers and analysts by beat, keyword or region.

  • Connect. Reliable media outlet and contact details.
  • Create Custom Lists. Use the intuitive search function to compile lists based on region, beat, outlet, etc..
  • Save search criteria. Save searches for reuse and keep lists up to date

Media Contacts Targeting Software

Amplify messages

Get more coverage by using the integrated email distribution capabilities.

  • Streamline outreach. Send emails to the influencer lists you’ve created, right from the SmartView portal.
  • Personalize emails. Add contact fields like name or outlet to personalize your emails.
  • Track engagement. Track opens and who clicked on emails.
  • Add multimedia content. Send videos or images to augment press releases.

Monitor and Measure Your Results

As part of a comprehensive media monitoring and measurement effort, targeting key influencers is a critical first step in the process. Universal provides the full cycle of engagement, monitoring, and measurement services.

KEY QUESTION: What are media contacts? Media contacts are the people you select when building your media contacts list. These contacts can be tied to publications, broadcast outlets, web sites, or even be key influencers. Building a specific media contact list lets you better target those who might be interested in using your content. A Media Contacts Database is a platform that lets you research, build, save, and distribute your stories or information to media outlets and influencers, improving earned media exposure.

Excellent Across the board

Universal not only provides excellent monitoring services, but the staff is great to work with. They are quick to respond to any questions or problems and can get reports turned around very quickly. There has never been a question, problem or issue that they couldn’t handle or deal with quickly. The PR Measurement reports I receive are a great benefit to my company.

-Publishing Client

See, measure, share... it's that simple

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