Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

To be a top media monitoring service, a vendor must understand target audience engagement and search strategy development. Better service begins with better media monitoring and measurement. Universal Information Services serves communication teams through a deeper analysis of television, radio, web, social, and print content. You can now find the insight you need, while capturing more of your media mentions, with Universal’s news monitoring and PR measurement tools. If you’ve tried other news monitoring services, or find your current news monitor lacking the coverage and support you want, contact Universal Information Services. We would be happy to demonstrate why so many professional communicators turn to Universal for more complete news monitoring and media measurement insight. Check out some of our media monitoring services below.

Local News Monitoring
Nationwide News Monitoring
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TV Monitoring

Receive scheduled notifications measuring the impact from when your stories air. Manage and share your earned media mentions with stakeholders, and control your results through our dashboard or mobile app.

Universal Information Services is your best option for analyzing the TV news clips you need. City, state, regional, and nationwide levels of news monitoring services are available. Most subscribers prefer to have Universal “push” their most recent news coverage to them each morning, with those results flowing into the industry’s most comprehensive listening dashboard. Universal’s SmartView 3+ portal can integrate all your television, radio, web, social media, and print hits. Manage and share your PR exposure from this comprehensive media monitoring platform.

Radio Monitoring

Only Universal Information Services monitors radio news and programming from nearly 300 radio stations across the United States. Our voice-to-text indexing creates a unique opportunity to understand this exposure and ensures that your key subjects and topics are easily found within moments of airing. By fully integrating your earned radio coverage into our SmartView 3+ portal, you can receive comprehensive reports and charts that include not only radio hits, but all your TV, print, web, and social media coverage, as well. Our seamless integration provides the most comprehensive news monitoring and measurement in the United States.


Web & Social Media Monitoring

Whether you need to monitor online news sources, websites, blogs, or social media networks, Universal provides the communication tools needed to manage all your hits.

Starting at just $100 per month, our Web-Alert delivers a complete online interface to access, view, save, forward, and manage your online exposure. Combining the industry’s deepest list of sources, exclusive report integration tools, and a collaborative relationship with our clients, Universal delivers the critical business information you require from a business intelligence/competitive intelligence service.

Press Clippings

Over the last 100+ years, we have learned that in order to make our clients happy, we must provide the most accurate, fastest, and most complete print news monitoring available. At Universal Information Services, we create the clipping service around you, our client, so you get exactly what is needed from the published media. Tracking your topics in both newspapers and magazines, at the state level or nationally, is why no service provides more print media results than Universal.

Alpha Clips

Alpha Clips is based on the article origins of stories, summarizing articles that would be commonly shared across social networks and online. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for finding, formatting, clustering, and delivering important news coverage to our subscribers. By integrating both published and online media mentions, Alpha Clips’ clients can digest more news quicker than any competing service.

News monitoring and PR measurement doesn’t have to be a source of frustration. Universal Information Services can deliver more mentions, more accurately, and with real customer support. Don’t be trapped because of someone’s 90-day auto-renewal clause. Contact Universal, and meet your new vendor today. We promise to give you the best media monitoring service, or we’ll let you cancel your account.

KEY QUESTION: What is media monitoring? Media monitoring is a service used to track specific news across all media, including TV, radio, web, social and print. Through scheduled reports and online platforms, users can see, review, share, and analyze their media as it pertains to their communications effort. Often referred to as a “listening platform”, the more comprehensive services offer ongoing support, training and measurement of your media results and outcomes.


“Universal helps me do my job by quickly and courteously getting me the clips that my clients and I need. They serve an essential role that our organization could not accomplish without them.”

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