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Better AEC Project Leads for Business Development

Universal Information Services provides architects, engineers and construction companies with better project leads well before the RFP or bidding process. By sourcing early discussion of projects from newspapers and websites, we can give your business development an advantage in your area.

Our project leads come directly from the newspapers and websites of record

Universal Information Services can quickly identify potential A/E/C consultation opportunities from the initial “idea,” to outright RFP stages. We also provide information concerning major developments on current projects — including professional consultation affiliations — allowing our clients to maintain a sense of the regional A/E/C environment and build business relationships into the future. When projects are discussed in the news, we fast-track them to our subscribers.

Business Development Leads for AEC from Universal Information Services

As the first company to enhance project leads with artificial intelligence (AI), we can deliver business development leads well in advance of other services. Additionally, our Alpha Clips summarize the data for faster consumption, cluster similar stories to reduce noise, and link through to full text of web pages and story images. No other vendor can provide what our Prospective Project Report now delivers. We also provide reports for those looking to sell heavy equipment or fund bond issues.

As a concierge service, we provide unlimited training and support, but don’t require any long-term agreement for service.

  • Media Contacts and Distribution

    Target and connect your media releases with influential journalists by accessing our in-depth media contact database and distribution tools.

  • Web Monitoring and Social Media Tracking

    Whether you need to monitor online news sources, corporate websites, blogs, or social media sites, Universal provides the comprehensive interface to manage all your hits.

  • Radio and TV News Monitoring

    Receive scheduled notifications when your broadcast stories air. Preview, edit, save, and share your clips in HD quality, or archive them in your customized portal.

  • Daily News Briefs

    Customized Daily News Briefs are hand-edited by our trained journalists to deliver your most strategic news of the day.

  • PR Measurement

    Delivering the quantitative and qualitative results necessary to measure your PR efforts and provide actionable insights.

  • Alpha Clips

    Alpha Clips is our exclusive desktop and mobile interface to your published and online news. Our AI-enhanced reports save time for busy PR professionals and corporate communicators.

“The daily reports go to my business development colleagues every morning at 10am. We use the email as a tip sheet, but then either share specific leads from the mobile app or desktop tools. Seeing and sharing leads is just so fast and easy.” – Business Development Professional, Omaha

Get started by letting us know who you are and how you want to improve your business development efforts. There’s no obligation — we just love exploring ideas.