News Monitoring with SmartView 3+

SmartView 3+ News Monitoring Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Further expanding on our news monitoring and PR measurement platform, SmartView 3+ raises the bar for tracking, sharing, and analyzing your news media exposure. Built from the ground up, SmartView 3+ lets corporations, public relations professionals, and non-profit organizations do the most with their publicity.

Universal Information Services upgrades their news monitoring and media evaluation platform

SmartView 3+ Delivers

  • Faster Response Times for searching, filtering and sharing results
  • Additional Power Features added for extreme knowledge workers
  • Additional Report Formats for greater workflow flexibility
  • Higher Resolution Previews for reviewing media results
  • Built on industry leading technology, future-proofing your archived data
  • A High Performance Interface delivering a more intuitive experience
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Includes Real Customer Support

Compared to software-as-a-service solutions, Universal Information Services delivers SmartView 3+ with complete and dedicated client support. We work as a professional extension of your media relations, corporate communications, or public relations team to manage all your news tracking and evaluation needs. We not only provide a technical support line, but a dedicated team to address any training or support needs you may have, day or night. We are the vendor of choice for organizations that want a professionally managed solution.

SmartView 3+ adds enhanced charting capabilities to visualize your PR exposure

Included at no cost, or available as an upgrade

All of our current SmartView 2.0 clients will see an automatic transition to our latest platform. There will be no cost increase for any clients taking advantage of the latest tools. Within SmartView 3+ are new useful, powerful options that provide better media measurement and insight. For a free demonstration, training, or to learn more, simply contact your client services representative or send an email to

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