News Monitoring for Nebraska

News Monitoring for Nebraska

In Nebraska, Universal Information Services focuses on solutions for monitoring news and public affairs issues. With customized reports, access to our media archives and the ability to quickly measure your results, we help organizations understand the true reach, impact and effectiveness of their media exposure.

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Nebraska: Complete Media Monitoring, Media Analysis & Public Relations Measurement

Elevate your understanding of your earned media exposure with Universal Information Services. Our comprehensive media monitoring solutions provide insightful custom reports and PR measurement for corporations and public relations professionals, as well as non-profit organizations. Universal Information provides local news monitoring services in Nebraska that can also be scaled for regional or nationwide services. With a unique team of customer service representatives assigned to serve each client, we are able to provide unparalleled news monitoring and analysis custom-fit to your exact needs. Universal Information Services is the premier source of public relations measurement and media monitoring in Nebraska.

Nebraska Media Monitoring & Media Analysis

Track and analyze your media exposure with Universal’s comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis services. Do you need to keep track of your exposure on television or radio? Universal’s TV and radio monitoring services can provide coverage of your PR exposure in Nebraska, or nationwide, on a daily basis. Is your focus on monitoring the impact of your online efforts? Whether your aim is to track social media engagement, specific blogs, or online news sources, Universal’s comprehensive web monitoring platform has you covered.

This unique ability to gather and analyze all of your media mentions across print, TV, radio, and internet differentiates Universal from all other media monitors. Our integrated tracking platform bundles all of this valuable information together, enabling your organization to easily see the complete impact of all media efforts at once. This level of comprehensive media insight, covering all media channels, is unmatched in the media monitoring & PR measurement market. Universal Information Services also differentiates from the typical media monitoring firm by providing real, non-automated, PR analysis.

Our public relations measurement services extend far beyond what typical automation can measure. Each story is examined by a trained analyst, ensuring insight that is vastly superior to the automated “analysis” offered by other media monitors or PR measurement firms. Both qualitative and quantitative elements of your earned media exposure are evaluated, providing deeper insight into the impact and ROI of your efforts. For the best public relations measurement and media analysis services in Nebraska, contact us to discuss how we can address your distinct needs.

Nebraska Press Clipping Service

For the past 100+ years, Universal has provided the most complete print news monitoring services across the country. We are proud to provide these valuable press clipping services in Nebraska specifically. We have sustained success delivering superior press clipping services for so long due to our client-focused approach. Universal has access to press clippings from around the globe that we use to meet your unique goals. By identifying a strategy to deliver the exact print articles that you need from local Nebraska outlets and national media markets, Universal serves as a one-stop-shop for everything related to news monitoring. Contact us to get started with a discussion of your particular press clipping service needs today.

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