Complete Media Monitoring for New York State

Complete Media Monitoring for New York State

Tracking news in New York state, Universal Information Services delivers deeper TV and radio coverage than competing monitoring platforms. With customized reports, access to our media archives and the ability to quickly measure your results, we help organizations understand the true reach, impact and effectiveness of their media exposure.

New York Public Relations Measurement Services

See, measure and share your public relations results with our customized solutions. From press clipping to social media and broadcast monitoring, our comprehensive approach allows you to measure the impact of your public relations efforts. We provide local news monitoring services in the State of New York, services that can also be scaled for regional or nationwide service. Universal Information Services sets industry-level standards as the premier source of public relations measurement and media monitoring across the United States.

Our comprehensive media monitoring solutions consist of:


Do you need to keep track of your exposure on television or radio? Universal’s TV and radio monitoring services can provide coverage of your PR exposure in New York or nationwide, on a daily basis. See how our news monitoring delivers the deepest coverage in New York:

  • All HD TV news recordings.
  • Statewide coverage for all media: TV, Radio, Print, Web, and Social
  • Comprehensive media measurement available


The unique ability to gather and analyze all of your media mentions across print, TV, radio and the internet is what makes Universal different. Our integrated tracking platform enables your company to easily see the complete impact of all your media efforts at once. We deliver qualitative and quantitative results, extending far beyond what a typical automated “analysis” would offer. For the best public relations measurement and media analysis services in New York, contact us to discuss how we can address your distinct needs.


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