Complete News Monitoring for North Dakota and South Dakota

Complete News Monitoring for North Dakota and South Dakota

In North Dakota and South Dakota, Universal Information Services focuses on solutions for monitoring news and public affairs issues. With customized reports, access to our media archives and the ability to quickly measure your results, we help organizations understand the true reach, impact and effectiveness of their media exposure.

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How Our News Monitoring Works

Further expanding on our news monitoring and PR measurement platform, SmartView 3+ raises the bar for tracking, sharing, and analyzing your news media exposure. Built from the ground up, SmartView 3+ lets corporations, public relations professionals, and non-profit organizations do the most with their publicity.

News Monitoring and Media Measurement from Universal Information Services

SmartView 3+ Delivers

  • Faster Response Times for searching, filtering and sharing results
  • Additional Power Features added for extreme knowledge workers
  • Additional Report Formats for greater workflow flexibility
  • Higher Resolution Previews for reviewing media results
  • Built on industry leading technology, future-proofing your archive
  • A High Performance Interface delivering a more intuitive experience
  • Statewide TV, Radio, Print, Web, and Social Media in South Dakota and North Dakota
“Universal Information Services is important to Creighton University because we know that Universal Services can help us track media placements as well as trends surrounding our brand, especially during breaking news events.”


Cindy Workman – Director Public Relations
Creighton University

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