Complete News Measurement for Washington DC

Complete News Measurement for Washington DC

Universal Information Services delivers reliable business intelligence and media measurement in Washington DC. We deliver comprehensive and accurate media in flexible reports so you can easily share your insight. Our nation’s politicians, NGO’s, and trade associations trust us for comprehensive news monitoring and PR measurement as well as our Executive News Briefings.

Washington DC Media Measurement


Take a look at Universal, see the future of media intelligence:

Universal brings the unique ability to gather and analyze all of your media mentions across print, TV, radio, web and social media. Our integrated tracking platform enables your organization to gauge your comprehensive media impact. We deliver services far beyond what typical automation can measure. Each story is examined by a trained analyst, ensuring that our insight is vastly superior to any automated “analysis”. This is how we deliver the qualitative and quantitative results so you can better understand your public relations efforts.


See how our news monitoring goes above and beyond in Washington DC:

  • Tracking all media for better measurement includes:
    • Accurate news monitoring and measurement from all TV stations
    • 24 hours of radio coverage across the top 5 stations each day
    • Tracking web & social media comments
    • Monitoring published news via our Alpha Clips service (press clippings)


At Universal Information Services, we understand that no PR campaign is the same. Therefore, we allow each client to structure their media monitoring and measurement program around their needs. Our personalized approach guarantees to deliver custom-fit reports to exceed your expectations. Let Universal deliver the news that impacts your success and ability make informative business decisions.


Get the personalized service you deserve from the experts at Universal Information Services. Our comprehensive media monitoring solutions consist of:


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