PR Measurement Service

PR Measurement Service

Better PR Measurement & Insight

Better Public Relations’ measurement starts with a better methodology. At Universal we approach true measurement as a data science that is enriched by professional analysts, not an algorithm forced to crunch every clients’ data without attention. Fully automated measurement is too clumsy to reliably measure qualitative media metrics. Professional analysts are needed to tease out the nuanced messages your media exposure may have, maximizing the valid insight gained from your PR efforts.  We understand what you need to successfully improve your PR outcomes and realize your objectives. Universal measures not only the major markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but all points in between. Although we serve clients globally, we can measure your area of influence no matter how localized.

Gauge the true reach and impact of your PR efforts

Universal Information Services isn’t limited by media type or scope of coverage. As a complete media monitoring service we are uniquely positioned to track all your paid, earned, shared or owned (PESO) content. With print, web, social, TV, and radio content, we don’t limit your insights. We are fully equipped to help you measure across your entire communications landscape, seeing everything and analyzing what you need.

With our proprietary Impact Score, our measurement reports and dashboards account for the number of qualitative driver conditions met AND the specific media sources impacting your impressions. Points are calculated in two areas: A) qualitative points and B) media source points. Together, these factors generate a metric that reveals the true impact of a story or mention. This is a weighted factor our clients can use to truly understand the impact from each news story and stories over time. Learn more about our Impact Score here.

We measure far beyond what automation can measure

Our collaboration with a leading university allows us to develop what is considered one of the most valid PR measurement methodologies in the United States. Our comprehensive approach for tracking and analyzing all the media mentions you want (Print-Broadcast-Web-Social Media) lets us present the entire information sphere, not just the average 30% that online monitoring services track. All stories are evaluated by trained PR analysts,  without clumsy automation on the qualitative points generating false sentiment and tone scores. Our method of only individually analyzed stories ensures the highest level of reliability in PR measurement.

In 2012 AMEC, the world’s largest trade body representing communications research, PR measurement and insight firms, released the first standardized framework for best-practices in media measurement. In 2015 AMEC updated this framework to reflect further innovation and a need for global alignment within media measurement. The Barcelona Principles paved the way for better PR measurement. Barcelona 2.0 and Universal Information Services expand on that framework, providing our clients with industry compliant measurement. Universal Information Services is a proud member and strong supporter of AMEC and the measurement principles they promote.

Impact, Engagement and Public Relations ROI

Capturing both the qualitative and quantitative elements of media exposure has never been easy for professional communicators. However, through Universal’s Media Analysis service we can show what your earned or unpaid media exposure means in terms of impact, tone, focus, reach and a variety of other user-defined parameters. Those who need to understand the ROI and impact of their outreach efforts can get their tracking and media analysis from a single, professional vendor. It’s simple. As an extension of your team, we deliver exactly the media insight you need to continue moving forward.

“Media analysis helps us achieve our goals. If we fall behind next year, we can see where we need to do things differently. If we see a certain key message falling behind, we can remedy that.”


Jeff Richardson – VP Communications and PR
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