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Preferred Broadcast Clip Rates Authorization Request

Ordering broadcast media clips from Universal Information Services is faster, costs less, and delivers the highest video resolution in the industry.
As low as $60/clip for HD video... and we price match!

Request: Preferred Broadcast Clip Rates

To qualify for our lowest rates on broadcast clips, please complete the below form. For an immediate answer regarding your acceptance into our program, you can call our offices at (402) 342-3178. Our Broadcast Media managers can assist you with this qualification, but please first submit the form below. Your information is necessary for this process.

Preferred clip rates may be applied to TV and radio, local or network programming, and content that is broadcast, streamed or provided via cable TV, satellite, or podcasts. This qualification can apply to all our broadcast media clips and in our HD resolutions. We look forward to working with you!

Preferred Clip Authorization

Submission form to request preferred pricing for TV and radio clips.

    Please help us understand how many clips you may order in an average month. This could be a combination of local, network, cable, streaming, radio or podcast clips.
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If you need to speak directly with a sales or support representative, please call (402) 342-3178 or email us at news@universal-info.com.