Presidential News Meter 2012

News Drives Public Perception

Universal Information Services, a complete news monitoring and analysis service, is proud to announce our 2012 Presidential News Meter. Each day Universal analyzes the flood of news related to both Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Using components from our proprietary Impact Score methodology, Universal will generate a metric for each candidate that indicates who leads the media for the latest news cycle.

The Presidential News Meter

The Presidential News Meter will display each candidates factor for the day, based on their news media exposure. A candidate’s score will be based on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and web news stories. Our results are not just scraping websites, but looking at what has been truly broadcast and published, in addition to online news. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates each weekday. Scores for each candidate will be Tweeted and Posted to our Facebook page each weekday, Monday through Friday, until the election. On November 6th, election day, we will post a cumulative tallying all scores for each candidate. Will our news meter predict our next president? Stay tuned to find out.


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