Presidential News Meter 2016

April 7, 2016


The news monitoring and media measurement teams at Universal Information Services have combined forces to generate this year’s Presidential News Meter. Based on our nationwide news monitoring of traditional and social media, we’ve generated some key charts and statistics measuring the media trends among our presidential candidates.

On significant days, within this election cycle, we’re measuring the past 24 hours of media exposure. We will generate two metrics that show the overall impact each candidate is having within their party and relative to their opposition. The higher the score, the greater the impact. It’s important to remember that negative news stories have the potential to harm a candidates impact, thereby lowering their score. So although they may be leading in a recent poll, their impact on the media consuming voter may vary day to day. The methodology for the Candidate Impact score is fairly simple.

  • The first component of the Candidate Impact Score accounts for the overall sentiment of each candidates media exposure. If they have received more positive exposure than negative exposure, they are assigned a positive integer relative to the other candidates within their party. A negative integer is assigned if their volume of exposure is more negative than positive.
  • The second component measures the total Share of Voice of each candidate, within all the coverage mentioning any of the party candidates. The percentage earned by each candidate is then converted to an integer so it can be evaluated evenly through the entire Impact Meter formula.
  • The third component calculates the total number of stories each candidate earns from among the top tier of media outlets. This last metric allows us to involve the quality of media outlets reporting on a candidate and the associated impact a highly influential source has over a smaller outlet or source of lower influence.

    Candidate Impact Score

    All Media

    Total Media Mentions Over Time

    This chart indicates the total volume of media mentions each candidate has received in the last week.

    (Past 7 Days)

    Impact Score and Trend Indicator.

    Below is each candidate’s current Impact Score and trend indcitor. The trend arrow indicates an increased or decreased Impact Score since the previous measurement period.


    Hillary Clinton


    Impact Score 174.71 trend arrow

    Bernie Sanders


    Impact Score 61.59 trend arrow


    Donald Trump


    Impact Score 188.24 trend arrow

    John Kasich


    Impact Score 93.39 trend arrow

    Ted Cruz


    Impact Score 53.84 trend arrow

    Universal Information Services provides analysis and insight to subscribers based on their earned and owned media exposure. The Presidential News Meter adheres to the Barcelona 2.0 principles, but is nowhere near as comprehensive as the standard work we do for subscribing clients. Like all media measurement methodologies, we realize that almost any point of analysis can be argued. The above data is only intended to showcase a small component of our media measurement capabilities and should not be received as any political endorsement for any candidate. Feel free to contact us regarding your position on analysis methodologies.

    If you’d like to discuss our measurement results, let us know. We love talking measurement concepts!

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