Press Clippings

Press Clippings

Universal has offered press clipping services since the beginning.

Over the last 100+ years we have learned that in order to make our clients happy, we must simply provide the best, the fastest, most complete print news monitoring available. At Universal Information Services we create the clipping service around you, our client, so you get exactly what is needed from the published media.

Press Clipping Services Starting at only

$65/month, $0.65/article

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The Process

After a thorough interview to determine your exact news media search parameters, our trained staff will formulate a strategy to get you the print articles you need from all the local and national media markets including such markets as Chicago, New York, and Denver. With access to press clippings from around the world, Universal can be your one stop shop for all your news monitoring needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and costs.


Press Clipping Rates

Several levels of press clipping services exist. With rates starting at only $65/month and $0.65/article, we can find a level of service that works within any budget. With our interactive press clipping portal, we let you search, sort, report, archive, and share the clippings you need within your organization. No service provides such a simple and powerful interface. Just call for a demonstration.

“Universal Information Services is important to Creighton University because we know that Universal Services can help us track media placements as well as trends surrounding our brand, especially during breaking news events.”


Cindy Workman – Director Public Relations
Creighton University

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