Press Clippings

Press Clippings

Universal provides the press clippings you need, especially when web content isn’t enough.

Over the last 100+ years, we have learned that in order to make our clients happy we must simply provide the best, the fastest, most complete print news monitoring available. At Universal Information Services, we create your strategy for press clippings specifically for you, so you get exactly what is needed from the published media.

The Reason for Press Clippings

Many of our clients find that monitoring their news from only online sources misses much of what they need. The reason for this is because most of the larger newspapers put their online content behind a firewall, and many of the weekly newspapers simply can’t afford a complete online presence. Therefore, a PR professional or company can’t rely on finding most of their news from the web. In fact, as much as 70% of published news is not freely available online. We can fill that gap with the most comprehensive press clipping service in the United States.

The Process of Press Clippings

After a thorough interview to determine your exact news monitoring search parameters, our trained staff will formulate a strategy to get you the print articles you need from all the local and national media markets, including cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Denver. Not only are we reading the daily newspapers, but in most states we are covering all of the weekly newspapers as well. Now it is true that not all newspapers are available for press clippings, but Universal can track more daily and weekly newspapers than anyone else. Also, with access to press clippings from around the world, Universal can be your one-stop shop for all news monitoring needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and costs.

Press Clipping Rates

Several levels of press clipping service exist. Our most cost-effective service starts at just $120/month and $0.70/page. Our more productive Alpha Clips, with enhanced artificial intelligence, can serve clients with a flat fee starting at $225/month. With our interactive press clipping portal, we let you search, sort, report, archive, and share the clippings you need within your organization. No other service provides such a simple and powerful interface; we can even combine your TV, radio, web, and social media coverage all in one portal for a comprehensive package.

KEY QUESTION: What are press clippings? A press clipping is a single news story, historically cut or clipped from a newspaper or magazine. Originally, hard copy publications were read and marked, after which marked articles were physically clipped from the publications and delivered to traditional public relations clients. As publishers migrated to digital publishing, press clipping services also digitized their press clipping production. Since the emergence of broadcast, web, and social news, some still refer to a single story from these other media types as a clipping. Universal Information Services has been providing press clippings since 1908, but is one of the few services now providing media monitoring from all media: print, broadcast, web and social.

“Universal Information Services is important to Creighton University because we know that Universal Services can help us track media placements as well as trends surrounding our brand, especially during breaking news events.”


Cindy Workman – Director Public Relations
Creighton University

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