Radio Monitoring

Radio Monitoring

Radio Monitoring with Portal Enhancements

Only Universal Information Services monitors radio news and programming from nearly 300 radio stations and podcasts across the United States and Canada. Our voice-to-text indexing ensures that your key subjects and topics are easily found within minutes of airing. By fully integrating your radio coverage into our SmartView 3+ portal, you can receive comprehensive reports and charts that include not only radio hits, but all of your TV, print, web, and social media hits, as well. Our seamless integration of broadcast monitoring provides the most comprehensive news monitoring in the United States.

A news monitoring and social media listening platform for everyone!

From your private portal you can review, analyze, and share the content you need to further your PR and communications efforts. Flat fee preview video is available with all media monitoring services. All accounts include up-to-date Nielsen audience figures, ad values, and market rank. Comprehensive media monitoring analysis services can be performed on all broadcast coverage. Special media monitoring service pricing for multi-client/multi-topic advertising, public relations and government agencies.

The differences are real.

  • More results: Most comprehensive media monitoring of print, broadcast, web, and social networks.
  • Downloadable clips: We allow our clients to download TV and radio clips in both low- and high-resolution formats.
  • Flexible agreements: We’re the only U.S. monitoring service to offer both annual and short-term contracts, as well as service on ad hoc projects with a limited duration.
  • Unlimited keywords: Any reasonable need you have will be accommodated, regardless of how many keywords.
  • Unlimited recipients: We don’t limit our searches, agents, or output to a defined number of recipients within your organization.
  • Unlimited results: We don’t cap you based on the amount of usage or results delivered.

Key Question: How to track radio news stories? Radio news monitoring works like any other media monitoring service. Broadcast radio is indexed for keyword searching, which lets companies like Universal locate and list the stories you want to track. From daily media reports or your listening platform, you can see, listen, share and review your radio coverage along with TV, print, social and web results.

“Universal helps me do my job by quickly and courteously getting me the clips that my clients and I need. They serve an essential role that our organization could not accomplish without them.”


Paul Bologna – Projects Assistant
Liberty Square Group

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