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  • TV Monitoring

    TV Monitoring

    Receive scheduled notifications when your stories air. Preview segments of your earned TV exposure.

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  • Web Monitoring/Social Media Tracking

    Web Monitoring/Social Media Tracking

    Tracking engagement and influence across social media networks, we provide you with the mentions and metrics you need.

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  • Press Clippings (Print Media)

    Press Clippings (Print Media)

    We provide print news articles from the most comprehensive set of daily and weekly publications in the United States.

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  • PR Measurement

    PR Measurement

    Delivering the quantitative and qualitative results necessary to measure your PR efforts and provide real business insights.

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  • Daily News Briefs

    Daily News Briefs

    Customized Daily News Briefs are hand-edited by our trained journalists to deliver your most strategic news of the day.

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  • Media Contacts & Distribution

    Media Contacts & Distribution

    Target and connect your media releases with influential journalists by accessing our in-depth media contact database.

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  • Construction Leads and Bids

    Construction Leads and Bids

    Learn about relevant prospective projects and construction leads long before they even reach the bid phase.

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  • Digital Preservation

    Digital Preservation

    Institutions and corporations can create value from their history by digitizing old print, photo, audio, and video assets for the future.

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  • Radio Monitoring

    Radio Monitoring

    Only Universal Information Services monitors radio news and programming from nearly 300 radio stations across the United States.

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  • Alpha Clips

    Alpha Clips

    Alpha Clips is our exclusive desktop and mobile interface to your published and online news. Our AI enhanced reports save time.

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Media Monitoring for PR Professionals and Communicators

Universal Information Services provides the customized media monitoring and measurement that other services can't. By addressing each client as a unique solution, we manage, track, and analyze the endless flow of media information more accurately. As a complete monitoring solution, Universal can provide clients with all the print, web, social, TV, and radio news results they need to understand their earned media exposure.


Our Sources-By the Numbers

  • 7 million

    7 million

    Searching close to 7 million online stories per day, from over 120 countries, in 90 languages.

  • 150,000


    Indexing more than 150,000 minutes of TV and radio news per hour.

  • 20,000


    Reading approximately 20,000 unique newspapers, magazines, and trade publications in the U.S.

See, measure, share... it's that simple

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