Free Whitepaper: The real value of real news monitoring

For companies, non-profits, PR firms and government agencies, the real value of news monitoring is the work they do in finding only what you need. Finding what you need lets you generate actionable insights and review your PR or communication effort. As algorithms and AI increase the accuracy of PR and marketing, PR professionals and managers of communication must manage the news that impacts their organizations or clients. The information compiled here can help you find the vendor you can trust.

Download this free report and learn why the real value of news monitoring comes down to Truth and Speed. Including:

  • 4 points that are critical to the best media monitoring services

  • How our Alpha Clips report lets our clients consume more data faster

  • What top 3 questions you should ask your media monitoring service

  • Why do the people managing my account matter so much

This free whitepaper will help you evaluate options you have within the media monitoring and measurement industry. Because you have options you have leverage to find the best service for your needs. Of course, if you need help, we are always happy to talk about your options..

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