TV Monitoring

TV Monitoring

TV News Clips: Cloud-based and mobile

Your source for monitoring the TV news clips you need, with the ability to download and save your selected video clips. City, state, region, and nationwide levels of broadcast monitoring services are available. Universal provides the highest quality clips in the industry, faster response times, and price matching against competitors. Most subscribers prefer to have Universal “push” listing media monitoring reports of their most recent news coverage each morning, with those results flowing into the industry’s most comprehensive listening dashboard. Universal’s SmartView 3+ portal can integrate all of your television, radio, web, social media, and print hits. Manage, measure, and share your earned media exposure from this comprehensive news monitoring dashboard.

A news monitoring and social media listening platform for everyone!

From your private portal, you can review, analyze, and share the content you need to further your PR and communications efforts. Flat fee pricing is available with all news monitoring services. Accounts include up-to-date Nielsen audience figures, ad values, and market rank. Comprehensive media monitoring analysis services can be performed on all broadcast coverage. Special media monitoring service pricing for multi-client/multi-topic advertising agencies, public relations firms, and government agencies is also available.

The differences are real.

  • Globally search and edit your results through our easy-to-use, cloud-based tools.
  • Receive scheduled or fast notifications when your stories air.
  • Integrate all your broadcast, web, social media, and print hits in a single interface with Universal’s SmartView 3+ portal.
  • Preview or edit your TV and radio stories with our flat fee pricing.
  • Receive up-to-date Nielsen audience figures, ad values, and market rank data.
  • Choose the contract you need. We don’t force you into one- or two-year contracts, we work with your needs in mind.

Key Question: How to find TV news clips? Universal Information Services has a comprehensive index of local and network news clips. We can search for the story you need or monitor on an ongoing basis.

“Universal helps me do my job by quickly and courteously getting me the clips that my clients and I need. They serve an essential role that our organization could not accomplish without them.”


Paul Bologna – Projects Assistant
Liberty Square Group

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