Join a free webinar and improve your skills for media monitoring or PR measurement.

Whether you are a supported client of Universal Information Services, or the client of a different vendor, please join us for a free webinar. While the global workforce is working from home, we will be providing a series of 30 minute webinars that highlight skills for using public relations software, news monitoring portals, discuss how PR measurement works, or even talk about how the pandemic news impacts your family.

These free webinars are open to anyone and will be hosted using our tools, but we will demonstrate their use in terms you can apply to any service you use. Below are the webinar titles, times and dates. Just fill out the form and let us know which session, or sessions, you would like to attend. You can even share the resulting webinar link we send with your at-home colleagues. We don't care how many attend, or how few, we simply hope to offer some professional development opportunities for those working from home. Heck, even if you just need a break from the kids, join us for 30 minutes and enjoy some time with non-spousal adults.

Free Webinar Topics: Each session is only 30 minutes

• What Is A Media Monitoring Portal?
• What Types of Media Can I Monitor?
• How Do I Use News Monitoring Reports Effectively?
• What Is a Daily News Brief?
• Can I Get My Kids Interested in News/Current Events?
• How Should My Family Handle Covid19 News?
• What Insight Can I Learn from Media Measurement?
• Why Does Every Media Monitor Miss Some Stories?
• I Want to Learn About Monitoring Radio?
• How Does AI Impact Media Monitoring?
• Social Media Monitoring Confuses Me?