Web Monitoring/Social Media Tracking

Web Monitoring/Social Media Tracking

Whether you need to monitor online news sources, corporate websites, blogs, or social media sites, Universal provides the comprehensive interface to manage all your hits.

Starting at just $150 per month — less when bundled with other news monitoring services — our online news monitoring delivers a complete interface to access, view, save, forward, and manage your internet news exposure. Combining the industry’s deepest list of sources, exclusive report integration tools, and a collaborative relationship with our clients, Universal delivers the critical business information you require from a business intelligence/competitive intelligence service.

Professional search strategies ensure the most accurate results

You can subscribe to regional, national, and international levels of our online monitoring services. Please call for a current quote if monitoring web and social media content is important to you. Social media and web content is the fastest-growing component of public information; listening to and measuring that content is critical for PR and communications. Don’t miss your online media exposure. We can even integrate all your online content into our SmartView media dashboard and analyze it with your overall media exposure.

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Searching nearly 7 million online stories per day, from over 100 countries, in 90 languages, Universal ensures the most comprehensive web and social media monitoring response. Our three feeds, and deduplicating process, ensures that we find more online news for you without generating more “noise.”

Use advanced Boolean search terms to track unlimited keywords throughout online web and social media sources. Receive daily reports at the timing and frequency of your choosing. All results are archived to your SmartView portal for downstream media analysis and reporting.

Key Question: What is the best social media monitoring tool? There are many tools that only focus on social media, but Universal Information Services is able to integrate your social media monitoring results with all other digital and traditional media results. Look for a vendor that can integrate not just a single media type, but all media you need.

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