Knowing your brands share of voice is essential to understanding your brand’s position in the online world.  You need to know if your brand is talked about positively or negatively, and respond accordingly. You can then benchmark this against your competitors and get an understanding of what you need to do more or less of.

Analyzing and accessing online content and conversations related to your company can be extremely time consuming and frustrating without the proper tools and guidance.

Using media values alone for evaluating your public relations effort is a recipe for disaster. Too often companies focus on advertising equivalencies rather than measuring genuine impact. The result? An incomplete picture of your PR effectiveness and measurement, or worse, a strategy that damages your brand.

Download this free 10-page, PR Measurement best-practices whitepaper and learn:

  • How to measure your impact across all media – traditional, online and social
  • The Top 5 key ingredients needed for real media insight and intelligence
  • Real-world examples of how impact scores give you deeper insight to improve your PR strategy.

Stop analyzing your media results with a half-baked methodology. Learn how Impact Scores based on these 5 key ingredients can perfect your PR campaigns.

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