Wisconsin - Complete News Monitoring & Media Analysis

Welcome to our new and prospective clients in Wisconsin.

With the acquisition of Worldwide News Monitor, Universal Information Services is excited to bring a greatly expanded news monitoring and media analysis service to Wisconsin. Universal provides local news monitoring and media measurement to clients nationwide. This means that each client has a team of assigned customer service representatives whose sole interest is in providing you with a fantastic customer experience, and we can scale that for local, regional, or nationwide service.

The Process

We always like to speak directly with our clients and prospective clients so we can best determine your exact needs. Universal does not provide a SaaS approach (software as a service). We design each news monitoring and analysis solution around our clients. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and costs.

What about rates?

Great question! Because Universal is headquartered in the Midwest the cost of living and labor contributes to a much lower rate schedule than our competitors. We are now the only service that can provide statewide coverage and do so at the lowest rates available. Several levels of service exist. Get a hold of us to discuss your needs, we can find a level of service that works within any budget.

See, measure, share... it's that simple

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